SKYPOLE – Professional High Reach Inspection System

Day or Night! … No Ladders, scaffolding, scissor lifts or cherry pickers required.



26ft Fibre Glass




32ft (Carbon fibre composite) 




36ft (Carbon fibre composite) 


Our light weight telescopic poles can elevate our cordless camera up to 11 Metres (36ft) the system is completely wireless, so no trailing leads. The SkyPole can even record the footage directly on a SD card ready for emailing.

Our cameras are waterproof and convert to night vision automatically.

Our carbon fibre poles are one of lightest poles on the market, but are precision-engineered to be tough and rigid.

All our poles are built to commercial grade and include swivel neck camera attachments and monitor pole clamp

Typical Usage

  • High Level Building Maintenance indoors and outdoors
  • Gutter and Roof Inspection
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Plus many more applications


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